Custer and his troopers

Since the boys like playing with all periods of little troops, they recently received some US cavalry guys and indians. We read about Custer and the Little Big Horn, checked out some books on him, and they remember the Custer character from the  “Night at the Museum” movies.

I thought I would try my hand at a quick painting job on Custer and a few of his men, with an eye on seeing if I could paint the figures and seal them in such a way as they could be played with on a regular basis and not have the paint come off in big chips, as happened with an earlier go at this… So I cleaned em up, didn’t really bother to remove much flash, sprayed them with clear Plasti-Dip and painted them with acrylics, and then sprayed them a couple more times with Plasti-Dip. The results have been GREAT! They feel very rubbery, but the paint stays on and they have a nice matte finish. The kids love to play with them and they go well with the Britains Civil war cavalry we bought at Sierra Toy Soldiers last month.

Custer and his troops painted

Kneeling trooper painted and unpainted

Kneeling trooper with rifle painted and unpainted

Standing trooper painted and unpainted

Trooper with arrow in his back painted and unpainted

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