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Hello world!

I like to share with anyone who is interested some of the little troops I’ve painted as a hobby. Since childhood I have built models and painted little soldiers to go with them. I found that painting the little guys is most enjoyable for me, and feeds off my abiding interest in several periods of history. I am especially fond of the American Revolution, the bicentennial of which occurred when I was 12 or so years old. I have also been a civil war re-enactor with the Richmond Howitzers, the largest artillery unit west of the Missisippi.

So I will mainly be posting pictures of  plastic soldiers in the 1/32 scale range, with a few 1/72 ones thrown in, as well as military miniatures I paint for display. The plastic figures can be played with while the military miniatures are just for looking at. I might even set up a few dioramas or scenes with the troops, or post pics of the kids playing with the little troops in a painted or unpainted condition.

Hall's Delaware Regiment Officer and troops

Accurate figures painted as the 10th Regiment of Foot

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